Luxe Boho Bali Parasol ❤ Half Goud

❤Unique Boho Parasols handmade from Bali


Bali parasol half gold natural green and gray. Only available in 250cm. One of the most wanted designs and fortunately back in stock!

Painting: The canvas of the beautiful parasol is hand-painted, only the edge (no stamping) with high-quality gold paint.

The canvas is made of Naghata drill, a strong outdoor fabric that can withstand a rain shower.

We recommend leaving the parasol open to dry. The fabric can also be cleaned. 

The Balinese parasols have nice pendants/bobbins on the edges of the parasol. The pole of the parasol has a decorative wood carving. The parasol is 2-part so that it is easy to store. This parasol creates a special atmosphere for your terrace.



€ 239,00

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