100% Cotton & Vegan ink = Happy Roundie

100% Cotton & Vegan Ink = Happy BohemiDa Roundie
Beautifully handmade 100% cotton and vegan ink BohemiDa Roundies. Whether you’re looking for a beach towel, bedspread or even a yoga mat, BohemiDa Roundies are the perfect multi-purpose throw!

Get your own BohemiDa Roundie from only €24.95

Get your own BohemiDa Roundie from only €24.95!
BohemiDa Roundies are handmade with cotton and dyed with vegan ink, and come in small and large. These silky creations are strong and durable, and come in a variety of patterns and colours. They make the perfect gift or spoil yourself!
This perfect multi-purpose throw can be used for:
🌸Picnic blanket
🌸Sofa covering
🌸Yoga or meditation mat
🌸Toy mat
or even a wall decoration!
Each BohemiDa Roundie is unique! Each BohemiDa Roundie is handmade which results in slight variations in weight, size, colour and pattern – meaning you get your own unique Roundie!
🌴300-700 grams (i.e., weight of a good quality hamam towel)
🌴Approx. 140cm diameter (small) and 
🌴180-185cm diameter (large)
Supplied with washing instructions
Also check out our latest throw – the BohemiDa Square that comes in XXL (220x230cm)different patterns and colours.
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